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    Audio Jack
    I have had my macbook for about a year now...I noticed the other day when listening to music in my headphones that I could only get sounds through my left ear. I hooked my headphones to another computer to rule out my headphones being the issue.
    So when I plug my speakers into my headphone jack in my macbook I can only get sound out of the left speaker. Is this fixable? Or is my jack toasted?

    Audio out of one side kills me!!

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    Since you've ruled out the headphones as a possible source of the problem, then it's evident that your headphone jack is broken. I would suggest taking it in to the Apple Store and getting it repaired. It will most definitely be covered under warranty.

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    Best hope it's still under warrantee, or you have Apple Care. I do, and it's a good thing because I had a slightly different issue with my headphone connector (micro-switch was broke and it would only play sound with headphones or external speakers... check for red light coming out of jack) and while Apple repaired it for free, it required replacement of the logic board.

    That's a $1200 repair bill for that. Dang near had a heart attack when I got that [I didn't have to pay for because of Apple Care] bill! I.E. This is what you WOULD have had to pay for this repair without AC! So if your warrantee is about to expire get that Mac to the Apple Store ASAP.

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    Ouchies!! okay I will do that!
    Thanks guy for your help!!

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    Before you take it to Apple, go to System Preferences - Sound.

    And make sure the balance slider hasn't mysteriously been pushed all the way to one side in headphone mode.
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    If you have any skills with a soldering iron, this may very well be an easy repair.
    Often, I see this same problem in laptops of all makes. What has USUALLY happened, is the headphone jack gets pulled on in usage, over and over. After a while the connections break loose.

    Either the solder joint is broken, in which case you can melt the solder to reflow it back into place, adding more if needed.

    Or, the jack is damaged and thus must be replaced. You can find replacement jacks easy enough on ebay. Usually they will rape you good and charge you 10 bucks or so for the jack. They actually cost about 10 cents, if you know how to find them.. Then just desolder and remove the old jack and solder in a new one.

    Or if not, take it to the mac shop, they will replace the logic board. However this will cost you a small fortune if you are not under warranty.

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