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    Macbook Pro cracked screen
    Hi Folks!

    I want to ask if there are members with the same problem as i have. I bought about one year ago a macbook pro 2.2 Ghz. About 6 weeks ago my screen broke, a big fat crack from top to bottom. First I thought that this was done by my girlfriend or my little son (who can't reach the maching anyway). When i bought the machine to the apple genius the GENIUS told me that i placed a pen between the screen and keyboard (which i did not!).

    After searching on the internet i found lot's of simular cases. Does anybody on mac-forums has a simualar case? I want to know if this is a design mistake or just a small group that has this problem. It has been filed at and i have made a website to file all cases at [Removed Link]

    Any help or advise is appreciated.

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    I wish you all the best in getting it resolved. However, it's very difficult to get Apple to repair a broken or cracked screen under the warranty. Unless it's something Apple admits to or has a re-call out on (like the recent battery replacements) they're going to conclude the crack was made by you.

    I worked for many years in the computer repair industry and also in consumer electronics repair. You would be amazed at what folks claimed happened to their equipment trying to get the repair done under warranty even when accidental damage was obvious.

    You might want to think about replacing the screen yourself. If you think you're capable of DIY, check here for cost and instructions:

    iFixit: iPod, iBook, & PowerBook Parts and Accessories

    Or, you could have these folks do the job for you:

    MacService – Apple Repair, Mac Repair, Apple Laptop Repair – Nationwide Mail–In 24 hour Repairs and Upgrades for Mac Laptop Computers.


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    I can almost guarantee you that this damage you described was NOT caused by a design defect. Like the gentleman who posted prior to me, I too have been in the repair industry for a very long time. I have seen absolutely every type of damage, from every cause that you can imagine. I also just recently sold my last gen MBP. There is nothing in the design that can cause the screen to crack. If the hinge froze up on one side of the screen, it would crack it. But not down the middle.. and the hinge would not be working.

    While I agree they were too quick to say you closed it on a pen. I would be more likely to guess something was dropped onto the lid of the laptop while closed. Or someone put weight on it. Something along those lines. But not a design flaw. Sorry, but someone broke your screen.

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    Hi sorry about that sucks! If your interested in selling it though please feel free to cantact me! Thanks kyle

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    Yes I know it will be hard to get the machine fixed, but! I have so many cases of simular story's, I have 2 people that won a small court case in the usa against apple, and i have somebody that bought a brand new apple macbook pro, when coming home the screen was broken when turning on (exact same crack).

    At mybiggestcompaint you can read a lot of story's, Apple Macbook Pro Screen Cracked | My Biggest Complaint
    I am getting in now 1 filled in form a day at macbook pro cracked, apple screen broken, broken macbook pro and i am not even listed in major searchengines. Something must be wrong with the machines! It is a combination of alu and the lcd!

    thanks for the reply though! Will keep this thread posted about progression.

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    Mar 07, 2009
    my imac screen is cracked. what should i do?
    The bottom of the iMac screen is cracked, it's black and white and there's nice little green, blue and red lines running through the screen. I was wondering how to go about fixing it. Could someone give me suggestions on who to contact? I don't want to spend a fortune although I know this type of stuff is expensive.


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    my old ibook did that when i sat on it >_>

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    Angry Cracked MacBook Pro screen
    Both my daughter's and my MacbookPro screens suddenly cracked right about a year after purchase. Let me emphasize the following: about one year, 2 MacBook pro's, and cracks occurred without dropping, or putting a pencil or other object on the screen when closing. I highly suspect a flaw. Apple should admit to this problem and have a recall. If they don't I recommend we publicize as much as we can to get to the bottom of this. That means writing letters to newspapers, magazines, Facebook, etc. to put some pressure on them> As a long time member of the Consumer Union, publisher of Consumers Report, I intend to inform them of this problem. I believe there may be also be a new Federal Govt. agency dealing with such defects. The cracks on our screens start just right of the top middle and run diagonally down to the right. Both cracks appear nearly the same as to location and extent. This is highly suggestive of a major defect.


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    Did not mean to reply to a two year old thread.

    Yes that is a grizzlycorn

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    MBP 15" cracked gloss screen
    My son's MBP also has a cracked screen (glossy) from mid on bottom to just below top on right. He is nearing being an architecture student and I would like to find out if anyone can tell me if I can change out the glossy screen for the anti-glare screen?

    How can I find out what the model number is to be able to search for the anti-glare screen on the inet to be sure of buying the right one?

    Much thanks,

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