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Thread: Just got a MacBook and have a few questions (HD, wireless, TV and more)

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    Just got a MacBook and have a few questions (HD, wireless, TV and more)
    Recently I just bought my first Mac computer (MacBook). While I am still excited over its beauty, I have tons of questions on how to set up a few things in the house.

    1. I have a old external hard drive and a Belkin wireless router. How do I set it up so that I can access files in the hard drive wirelessly? Do I need the Airport Extreme Station to do that?

    2. I plan to use VMware Fusion but does it require Windows XP with SP2 or does it accept any verison of Windows XP?

    3. Can Iwork open Microsoft Office files or vice versa?

    4. How do I connect the new MacBook to TV? I only know how to do that with the VGA cable but there is so such output on the Mac.

    I am a beginner in this and would appreciate your pundit advise. If the MacBook is working out for me, I think I would switch the entire house to Apple products.

    By the way, does Apple give out discount on December 26. If so, I might as well get a IMac.

    Thanks for your help

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    1 - I'm guessing you need to have the drive formatted as FAT32 or something Mac e.g. HFD+ then plug it into your router via ethernet.

    2 - You can use any version of XP

    3 - You need a copy of Microsoft Office for Mac or I believe OpenOffice (Free) opens .doc files now. Not so sure about iWork.

    4 - If you have a MiniDvi output on your MB you need a MiniDvi to VGA or component adapter from the Apple store. If you have a new Unibody MB then you need a MiniDisplay port to VGA or component adapter (or to whatever your TV connection is).

    I don't personally know if Apple will give discounts but I would bet they have some New Year sale deals.

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    What does it mena to "plug it into your router via ethernet"

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    1. The Belkin router would have to have support for USB hard drives for you to be able to share it across a network. If it doesn't, then you either have to get a router that does, or get a network hard drive (this is what True Bassist meant when he said plug it in via an ethernet cable).

    2. You can install any version of Windows with Fusion. You could install Windows 3.1 if you wanted to. It's Boot Camp where you're limited to XP SP2 or higher.

    3. Theoretically, you can open Office files in iWork, but there is the possibility of formatting issues. If you're using simple documents then it's no problem, it's when you do fancy things that it could be an issue. As for vice versa, Office will not open iWork files. Fortunately, you can export iWork documents in the appropriate Office format. Though to be honest, if you'll be handling a lot of Office documents, you're just better off buying a copy of Office for Mac.

    4. If your TV supports a VGA connection, then all you need to do is get a mini-Display Port to VGA adapter and you're set.

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    You can use iWork for viewing both, and to create you need to go to File -> Export.

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    Fusion will work with many versions of windows, Linux and others. It is fast, and will work in transparent mode, so the Winblows application appears to be running in the superior Unix Mac.

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    Thank you was very useful.

    I am also thinking about buying a wireless usb hub from Belkin. I would use it for printer, enternal hard drive and camera. See link below.
    Belkin : Network USB Hub

    As you can see, it is quite expensive for a Wireless USB hub($99).

    So I was thinking, maybe I could buy a wireless ethernet hub (about $30) and then buy some Ethernet-USB adaptors ($3) and make it do the job.

    This is just my thought. Please tell me if this is a doable alternative. If not, are there any other hardware combination to avoid buying a $99 wireless USB hub?

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gotdaniel View Post
    What does it mena to "plug it into your router via ethernet"
    It means to hook an internet cable from your router to wherever you want connected.

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