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Thread: Real advantages to the 2.4 Macbook vs 2.1?

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    Question Real advantages to the 2.4 Macbook vs 2.1?
    I'm planning buying the new 13.3" Aluminium Macbook within the next couple of weeks. I keep having doubts beetween the two different models. The advantges i found on the 2.4 are:

    The 0.4 GHz extra processor speed of course.
    The extra 90GB HDD.
    The backlit keyboard.

    That almost seemed to be it. Do either of the models write DVD's? Are there any other advantages i missed? It somehow doesnt seem like that much more for 300$. They both have 2GB RAM right?

    I honestly dont know what to do! That backlit keyboard is so tempting... but i would feel "wrong" if that was the deciding factor. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks all

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    You won't notice a difference (atleast I didn't) between 2.0 and 2.4. They both have the same graphics card but one is obviously better for gaming because of the processor speed. Really the only good thing about the 2.4 is:

    -Higher speed which is mainly only needed for games
    -Backlit Keyboard

    Thats about it. If thats your deciding factor then go for it, but if not, save some $ and go 2.0.

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    The backlit keyboard is worth it. Period!

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    I don't think you will notice a difference in the processor speeds. Really it comes down to how much money you are willing to spend versus practicality.

    Yes, the backlight is cool. But is it worth the extra money to you? For me no, but if you are going to be working in the dark and would like to see your keys, then I'd say it is worth it to you.

    Same dilemma with the black book (no longer being made) vs. the white macbook. Not much of a difference except color. Apple sure does a good marketing job don't they?!
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