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Thread: Not waking up?? not disconnecting??

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    Not waking up?? not disconnecting??

    Just a couple of little issues with my ibook that I'm a little concerned about.

    1. When I put my ibook to sleep on battery, and then plug it in and open the screen, it doesn't wake up, and I have to put it back to sleep again and reopen it or restart it. Do all ibooks do this, or is my one fuct up??

    2. When I click to disconnect, sometimes, it doesn't disconnect for a lonnggggggg time, and I have to force quit it or sleep it?? why is it doing this??

    3. Is garage band meant to have a help menu?? cos when i open garage band, and click on help, the help window opens up but there is no content. this normal??

    I use mac osx , and have a 14" ibook. Any help would be appreciated.



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    1) Sometimes the sleep function gets confused if you insert or remove connectors shortly before sleeping or waking... don't really know why. Does it do this if you insert the power plug and then open the lid a few minutes later?

    2) Also have had this problem, seems to have disappeared though, have you got all the latest updates?

    3) Yes, GB has a help file, you might need to trash your help preferences (search around the forums, it's been covered somewhere before).

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