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    Question Can i upgrade my macbook to 4gb RAM?
    Okay, heres my issue. I'm trying to sell my macbook on ebay, and someone asked if this model could be upgraded to 4gb RAM. Now, i have no idea. It was bought last sumer, around July 2007. Here are the specs so you know which one is the one i have.

    Macbook white, 13.3" screen.
    2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.
    80gb HDD (the next model was upgraded to 120gb i believe, so i have the previous one)

    So can it be upgraded to 4gb? Or does it have a limit? If so, what is it? Thanks all.

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    I believe this model can only handle up to 2GB max.

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    Think 3Gb is the max for you, both late 06 and mid 07 can.

    Could you get into System Profiler and check the Model Identifier?
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    Looks like you have the "White/07" MacBook rather than the "Late 2007/Santa Rosa") MacBook. So, your MacBook will support 4GB but can only fully utilize the first 3GB...

    See MacBook Memory benchmarks at

    Performance testing of Apple MacBook Core Duo and Core 2 Duo Models with various Memory configurations |

    MacBook 1.83GHz and 2.0GHz models with Core Duo support maximum of 2.0GB memory installed

    MacBook 1.83GHz and 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo Models (May/2007) support maximum of 4.0GB memory installed

    MacBook 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo ‘Santa Rosa’ (Nov/2007) models support maximum of 6.0GB memory installed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santino View Post
    Think 3Gb is the max for you, both late 06 and mid 07 can.

    Could you get into System Profiler and check the Model Identifier?
    Sure, here is what appeared:
    Model Identifier: MacBook2,1

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    I have the same vintage Macbook (two of them, actually, one for me and my wife has the same in black) and they indeed can only take 3 gig whether you put two 2 gig sticks in them or one 1 gig stick in one bank and one 2 gig stick in the other. Both of our Macbooks are running in the latter configuration for total of 3 gig. Works rather well. Some will say you then can't take advantage of that dual channel thing with matched sticks, but I haven't noticed any issues.

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