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    are there any problems with the newer g4's (1.2 and 1.33ghz)
    most of the problems i hear about are for 800 or 933mhz

    are the problems like screen warping and what not fixed on the newer ones?

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    I just heard about the screen warping bit today and then realized that I too am having the warping problem. So hopefully it can be fixed.

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    screen warping is covered my applecare thou rite???

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    Better be.

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    me hope so, mine is not bad YET but it worries me. my friend's iBook has it bad, like that pic which was posted today. he's not worried as he says its "cosmetic" but ....

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    Cosmetic? What a load! It's structural if you ask me.

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    its mostly the plastic in front of the screen that is warping. i have not heard any other common problems for the new g4 (other than a few gripes like loud clicking).

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