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Thread: do ALL macbooks come with a camera?

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    Nov 20, 2008
    do ALL macbooks come with a camera?
    Im looking at a macbook on ebay that was released in 2006 (2 yrs ago), its a "macbook" white 80gb hard drive 1GB ram ..and i cant tell if it does or doesnt from the pic and the auction ends this evening but do ALL macbooks include a bulit in webcam???

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    Every Macbook I have seen has an iSight camera. Remember, a Macbook is the first Mac laptop with a Intel CPU. Don't confuse it with an iBook that is also white but had a Power PC CPU. All the Intel notebooks made by apple have an iSight.

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    i believe every model of the macbook since 2006 has had an isight built in.
    Same with the new iMac desktops. Im pretty sure it will be the standard thing for years to come

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    If you need a protable webcam other than the inbuilt iSight I use the aGent V3 which I find to provide a better clarity and more portability than the inbuilt cam on my mac. It also conveniently enough looks just like the original portable iSight so is nice and sleek looking.

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    Sorry I forgot the link aGent Webcam the iSight for PC and Mac for the aGent V3 webcam like the iSight i mentioned above

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