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    Question Do The New MacBooks (Aluminum Unibody) Have Motion Sensors Like The Previous Models?
    Do the new MacBooks have the Motion Dectection Sensors the previous generation of MacBooks had and if so, will programs like iAlertU and Virtue (w/ Parallels) work on the new MacBook?

    For those who don't know iAlertU is a program that acts like a car alarm and uses the motion sensors to detect someone trying to physically steal your MacBook.

    And I believe Virtue is what some Parallels users are using to allow them to switch between OS's by simply tapping the side of the screen (like the SmackBook).

    In either case, they exploit the motion detection sensors used to protect the hard drive to accomplish their respective tasks and I am interested in purchasing and using both of these products when I am able to obtain a new MacBook, but I want to make sure they will work with the new MacBook first.

    Does anyone know if the new MacBook still retains this feature or even better has someone with a new MacBook installed and tested these products? Or if someone has a new MacBook and has not tested one of these products, could you please download an eval copy of iAlertU, test it out, and report back? Thanks.

    I originally learned of both these products on when contemplating purchasing a Black MacBook. Here are the links:

    iAlertU: MacBook iAlertU alarm Video Videos

    Parallels & Virtue Fast OS Switching: Smooth multitasking between Mac OS, Linux, and Windows XP Videos

    Thank You For Your Time & Help,
    R. Alan Ingalls

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    Thanks gixxersean.

    I was actually in Memphis this weekend and I'm currently typing this from a new MacBook in the Saddle Creek Apple Store. I downloaded iAlertU to test it and it does indeed work. So the motion sensors are there and do still work the way they did in the previous white and black models.

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