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    No Burning in Superdrive.
    I havent done much burning on my MBP. But in the past week, I needed to do some, and burning doesn't happen.

    The errors are consistent: it starts the burning process, then just stops to tell me it couldn't calibrate for the media, and stops.

    Is this a 'you should go to the Apple Store and get this fixed' issue?

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    RE:No Burning
    My Macbook had a similar issue. I ended up having to reinstall the OS from Time Machine.
    If its the same problem, its a known problem with no fixes to date.

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    My MacBook Pro had a similar issue, except it would usually (not always) burn the disc, but fail verification with issues on certain sectors. After some debate with a Mac "Genius" at an Apple Store, they begrudgingly replaced my SuperDrive. Now that I have the replacement drive, I haven't had any issues burning anything.

    The original drive was an LG, the replacement is a Matsu****a unit. Not only is the Matsu a lot quieter, but it seems to be a lot less picky about different media types. Sounds like it might be worth a trip to the Apple Store to see what's going on there.

    If you're out of warranty, that's another story, unfortunately.
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    Had an issue of my Superdrive giving back all kinds of errors a few weeks ago (primarily the 'can't calibrate').

    Took a can of computer dust (or canned air) did a few quick bursts in the slot - voila - all fixed. Maybe yours will be as easy as a little dust on the lens.

    Make sure you shut down the computer prior to doing this, and be careful about using it to the point where it shoots liquid. Just 2 or 3 quick bursts in 2 or 3 different directions. Wait 30 seconds afterwards before booting.
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