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Thread: Electricity usage question

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    Electricity usage question
    i have a (new) macbook and i had a question about electricity usage
    just bear with me a little...

    which uses up more electricity?
    1) using the macbook battery until it is drained, then charging it to 100%, and repeating?


    2) just having the laptop connected to power supply continuously

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    Using the battery up and then charging it repeatedly will use slightly more energy and wear out your battery quicker. Running your macbook off the power main uses main power directly instead of converting it first to chemical energy and then back to electricity, which less than 100% efficient.

    However, that being said, the power difference is negligible. You'd be hard-pressed to actually see the difference on your power bill, since a macbook draws less than a quarter the power of a single light bulb. The real savings of plugging in where you can is that your battery lasts longer because it isn't being cycled (charged/discharged) constantly. At $130 per battery, that is a much more significant savings.
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    oh okay
    thank you kindly sir!

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