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    Processor and HD speeds on New Macbook Pro - 2 questions
    So I've done all the searches, read a TON of helpful information, but I just wanted to confirm my results for my specific situation (sorry for being selfish but this might actually help someone in the same boat).

    I'm going to buy a new macbook and am deciding on whether I need the 2.4 or 2.53 processor speed. I am going to be using the computer primarily for photoediting tasks and perhaps video-editing. I plan to max out the RAM at 4GB so in everyone's expert opinion, do I need the faster processor speed? Is it worth the extra $500?

    I've been a bit out of touch with the type of OS systems out now but I read a new one will be coming out soon. Will the 2.4 be able to handle it?

    Also, between the 7200 and 5400 RPM HD, does it just affect the bootup time and file transfer time or is there something else that the HD RPM serves?


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    2.4 will handle Snow Leopard fine but i strongly suggest you max the RAM to 4GB if you're looking at photo / video application.

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