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    Nov 26, 2008
    Unhappy help! my macbook pro screen is glitching
    I just got back home from my dorm. I boot up my computer and it gets to the welcome screen then the screen starts glitching a little. i restart it to see if it will fix the problem. now when i turn my computer and i keep getting this!

    the screen isn't cracked or scratched or anything. i tried removing the battery etc.

    anyone know what might be wrong? i'm going to try to go to the mac store sometime next week but i don't have applecare. i hope it's nothing serious.

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    Mar 19, 2008
    in a tiny little town..
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    logic board?

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    Looks like it - I would bet it's your logic board. How old is it?

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    i have seen this before, is it a macbook pro? I have had it before, before my macbook pro cracked, not as bad as this machine. After a while it went away, but now it looks like this [Removed Link]

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    Yea that looks like a logic board problem. But to be sure, can you hook up an external display and see if you get a picture? If you see your desktop, then it is the LCD. If you do not get a picture, or get those same lines, it is a logic board.

    In which case, better hope you have some warranty.

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