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    Exclamation Battery Life/Question...
    I just recently bought the iBook 12". I am so happy with it. (In love).

    I do have a question about battery life though.

    It seems to only charge up to 99%... This may or may not be normal?

    Also if i unplug it to go onto battery power. It seems to drop down to 94% rather quickly(like one minute). Is this the norm... I somehow doubt it. but you never know it. I am going to try and give the battery a complete drain today and then charge it back up. But are there any other ideas or suggestions?



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    my powerbook does the same thing, here is a thread that kinda explains things.

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    yay it's normal...
    Thanks for your post. makes sense now.

    Another question about battery. i put a 512mb chip of the kingston valueram in yesterday. It's like 60 bucks from outpost.

    Some forums talked about the ram upgrade and stated that the chip I specially bought was a cheaper TSO chip or something. Anyway basically they said it drains more power.

    I put the chip in yesterday and the iBook now running with 768 is loving the new ram. How much of an extra power drain do you think there is with the new chip in there? Any ideas?


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