Dear all,
I wonder if anyone could help me, I've an unusual problem that I've not been able to resolve.
I have a four year old 15" Powerbook G4. About 18 months ago the 'k' button on the keyboard stopped working. Soon after the 'i' button did the same. Then the ',' button, lastly the '8' button stopped working.

Everyone told me the keyboard was broken and needed replacing.

I had a new keyboard fitted by my local 'Apple Authorised' dealer, and everything was fine. About 8 months later, the same thing started happening. The same diagonal row of keys '8' down to ','. This time the 'left arrow' button stopped working also. I went back to my Apple dealer and he was at a loss, suggested that the keyboard again was faulty. The same keys not functioning, perhaps a wild coincidence. I had a new keyboard fitted (more expense as I'd foolishly lost the reciept from the initial replacement).

Everything worked perfectly until now. The same keys have started to intermittently stop working. I say occasionally, as sometimes they work but increasingly they dont. Keys '8' 'i' 'k' ',' and now both 'left' & 'right' buttons.

I'm at a loss. I don't want to have another keyboard fitted. I don't want to buy a newer apple laptop as this one suffices all my needs (when its working!) I've done searches in other forums but not found any answers.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks again.