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    Hard Decision
    I'm having a lot of trouble deciding what I want. I like the size of the 15", which I can get for $2138 (w/superdrive & APP), but it's technology is too outdated (no DDR SDRAM, ATA66, ...). I like the 12" w/super drive, which I can get for $1839 with APP, but that's a little too small and is not as powerful as I'd like. I can also get the 17" w/superdrive for $2999. I figure the 17" is my best bet, b/c it is a little large, but at least it has the technology I want (and it's not that big for a 17"). Is there any word out on Apple releasing a new 15"?

    In comes my next problem... the G5. I can get the dual 2 ghz box for 2700. To think that I'm not going to pay too much more for the G5 than the 17" w/superdrive (after display, bluetooth, speakers, and airport extreme card), makes me wonder what I should do. The big difference is the processor, Serial ATA w/7200 RPM 160 GB HD, and USB 2.0. I don't really care about the graphics.

    What do you guys think? I could use any advice right now. I'm leaning towards the laptop, even though I know I'll always wonder "what if I got the G5." A computer that's portable will be easier because I'll be at college.

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    Obviously, if you're looking for portability, the laptop would be the better answer. I personally have the 12" powerbook.. and ,despite the small screen area, it's a lot more laptop than it looks like on paper. It all depends on what you think you'll be doing with the machine after you've had it a couple months, and the initial novelty is worn off.

    If you're just using it for schoolwork (word processing, email, web access) and some light gaming, I would probably advocate portability. It's really nice to be able to fold up your computer and carry it with you to the library or wherever you might want to take it. If you're looking for the latest and greatest there is, and it's going to spend most of its time on your desk/table/kitchen counter, I would go with the G5. I assume from your post that you're not going to be doing a lot of design/graphics on your mac, so I would suggest getting the laptop so you can carry it with you when you go out somewhere.

    That's my $.02... I'm by no means an authority, so do with it what you will.


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    I agree.. I am all about portability and you are probably going to want your computer with you in class, on trips, when you go home on vacations, or wherever you go on vacations. You'll probably always want it with you.. if you're anything like me Now I wouldnt go for the 17" though. Before you say.. the screen is awesome though! I agree! BUT it's not portable.. I have a friend that has the 17" and guess what he always takes with him on his trips? Yep you got it.. his 15", but he has the luxury of having that choice.. I know the 17" is too big to lug around with me. I have a nice backpack that holds my laptop and the 17" wouldnt fit.. it's just a bit too large for my likes.. sitting in a car.. too big, sitting on an airplane.. too big.. 15" fits nice on your lap and it has a nice sized screen. I have no idea when they'll be coming out with new ones, but the ones they have currently are sweet as is!


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    thanks for the info guys. i'm going to wait until the new 15" PB is announced. god, i just want something running OS X... it's such an awesome OS. i had purchased an hp compaq presario x1000 (an awesome x86 laptop), and did not want to run windows. so i got into linux and found that it was hell. linux is not mature enough to support laptops all that well and it's ease of use/installation is not quite there yet either. don't get me wrong, the RH/mandrake installers are nice, but it's just different. not all of your stuff works out of the box (acpi, sd card readers, wide screens, keyboard shortcuts, ...). ppl may be hesitant to go w/a manufacturer that makes the hardware, some software, os, etc., but i think it makes a machine that works better because all devices/prog's interface a lot better and take advantage of the machine's abilities.

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    It might be quite some time before they update the 15".. then again maybe it won't be. My thoughts on it is if you don't hear of any others coming out anytime soon.. then buy it now! That way you can get a lot of use out of it... If you can wait.. and don't mind waiting.. then why not.. I just know that if I had waited.. there would have been a whole lot of use that I would have not had otherwise..

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    i bought in the beginning of july even though people said that i should wait because there were going to be updates to it but i went and bought it anyway and low and behold still no updates and just people saying that there are going to be updates. i would buy now and just use this thing like a coke addict and you wont be dissappointed

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    The 12-inch PB is all you need
    If you don't have to do intensive graphics stuff, or movie editing, the 12-inch PB is all you'll need. With 640 MB RAM this little gem flies. The screen is beautiful and very high density, so its size is no drawback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sukhjeet
    In comes my next problem... the G5. I can get the dual 2 ghz box for 2700.
    o_O was I look in the wrong place? I got my 1.8GHz G5 + APP for $2800 !? The Dual 2GHz was $2999 here!?

    Jeeze, if I could have gotten the Dual G5 for $2700 I would have deffinatly gotten that!

    ggrrrr :mad:


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    I think sukhjeet is speaking of the education discount. The regular price of a dual 2Ghz G5 is $2999, whereas with the education discount is $2699 or $2700.

    I know when it is my time to buy one I will use my daughter's education discount, unless my wife is back in school my then.

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