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    MacBook Pro 17'' screen backlight doesn't turn on
    Hello All!

    I have had this problem for a while with my MacBook Pro 17'' that I bought last April.

    Sometimes, when I leave it on without touching it for a while, the screen backlight will switch off, though the screen will stay on. The effect is the same as if I turn the backlight to minimum power: I can still faintly see the screen, but it's too dark to do anything with it. This might be done to save energy, but the backlight does not turn on when I type or move the mouse.

    This can be solved easily by closing and opening the screen again, but I was wondering if anybody had had the same problem, and found the reason?


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    There could be a number of reasons that's happening but since it's still under warranty, take it on in to Apple and have them look at it.


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