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    iBook Bluetooth
    I just got a iBook 12" 1.2Ghz and didnt get the bluetooth option is it possible to get the module or is it better to go with the usb options for a few bucks on ebay?

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    My understanding is that the time that you order the iBook is the only time to get the Bluetooth module installed internally . However, you can always get the external Bluetooth module to stick in your USB slot. A lot of people in here have a phobia about dongles. I went ahead and ordered the internal one, since it wasn't that much extra. Not sure if I'll ever use Bluetooth, but I wanted the option without costing me a USB slot.

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    yeah i didnt think about at the time but i just got a bluetooth phone

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    I find that being able to sync iCal and my address book with my phone via bluetooth is... completely useless because it doesn't work properly. Sending pictures I took with my phone to my iMac is great though, I use that all the time.

    I keep my iMac asleep while I'm at college, if I start sending something to it while I'm coming into my flat it wakes it up so it's all ready for me! Plus I feel really hi-tech. I would get the bluetooth module just for that...

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    Does sound pretty sweet

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    i had my bluetooth installed internally by mac when i bought my ibook and it was worth it. 1. theres no connecting pieces. 2. i ordered the mac wireless mouse and it helped me do applications so much quicker. bluetooth is worth it just for the mouse alone. (for me anyway)

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    Bluetooth must be factory instaled, the antenna is inserted behind the screen and apple wont do it after it leave the factory. bluetooth isnt even an option if you buy your ibook at the apple store. I wanted to get mine with bluetooth and the store said its either factory installed or nothing, so i got my ibook online with bluetooth installed. 110% worth it.

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    I got it as well and it really rocks, I always recommend getting the bto option as you'll regret it as soon as you get a bt mobile otherwise...

    Btw syncing with iCal and Address book with iSync works perfectly for me??

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    id go with the external because you will void you warranty by opening your ibbok plus the external can be used on more than one comp.

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    get the Belkin USB adapter for $40, its worth it because I doubt you'd be using BT all the time so..

    ANYWAY, how can i sync up my Moto v710 with my iBook!? It won't do it by BT so I assume I need a data cable? If so where do I get one?

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