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Thread: My Powerbook is not turning on properly

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    My Powerbook is not turning on properly
    A few days ago I turned on my G4 powerbook and it chimed and never started up. I could hear the fans going but the screen didn't turn on and the hard drive wasn't spinning. I turned it off manually and back on again and it did the same thing. eventually it cooperates and starts up normally but lately I've had to turn it off, then on about 4 or 5 times. Does anyone have an idea on what's going on?

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    Make sure it's not some kind of a Power Supply problem. I've seen Macs that chimed but NEVER started up. Their power supplies were fried.

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    i have had that same problem and a major sound problem

    my mac just fixed itself over time....
    this is not too helpful

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    I had an issue like that, I had to upplug and remove the battery and wait until the light went out and then replaced the battery and the powercord and it started right up, no problems.

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    Yeah, thanks for the help everyone but my comp is behaving itself now. I'm amazed at how this thing just fixes itself like that. I love my mac.

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