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    Is this a good deal??
    Hello Everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and so far I have loved every second of it! Awesome Job. I stumbled across a auction tonight for a Apple Ibook G3. It has a 12" screen, 10gb hard drive, 128mb memory, and a 500mhz processor speed. The auction says it was used around an office and they are now in the middle of upgrading. The only down fall of the item is it doesn't come with a battery or ac adapter. Other then that it states that it comes in gently worn condition and is guaranteed to work. The guy/business is asking $149.00 for the ibook. The battery and adapter are only about another 30-60$. I was wondering if this sounds like a good deal to you or not?

    I figured I good always get a external hard drive because I know 10 gb will never be enough. Is the processor speed and memory going to be a problem?

    Please get back to me soon..

    Thanks Everyone!

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    I would avoid it, that's a higher price than current rate.

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    I wouldn't do it, just because even simple tasks such as web browsing will be very slow on it. Anything with java or flash will kill that system. Even my 1.33 Ghz PowerBook G4 with 1.25 Gigs RAM has problems with many sites. 128 Mb of RAM is far less than what you need to run Mac OS X and modern applications.

    At this point I would not recommend to anyone to get a PowerPC Mac for anything other than collecting or nostalgia. They are not going to be supported for much longer, and even now they are beginning to really show their age.

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    bad deal, you can still get a PPC Mac, i still use one today! no problem. yes it will show its age but its still a great machince!
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    Always price match before making your purchase... I'd reccomend Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more since they have many different retails and competition is tight, you get great prices and easy price matching.

    Good luck.
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