I have a Macbook that's almost a year old (still under warranty). Right now, the mousepad and inner case is discolored (yellow). The lower case cover(where I rest my right wrist) is cracked off, and also on the upper inner case. And finally, the mouse button does not work at all.

I'm bringing it to the Apple Store tonight. Will they fix this stuff? The cracks are from normal use (opening and closing the book, resting my wrist on it); I have NEVER dropped, jarred, etc. it.

Maybe this is a long shot, but I have had friends who have had the luck of meeting an Apple rep who just replaced the thing. Is this common? That'd be sweet.

Is there anything I should bring to the store? I'm backing all my stuff up. Oh, and it has 4GB RAM in it. If they do replace it, will I get that back?