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    UK Question: Where can i get my HDD upgraded?
    Hi all

    Well i've had my 1.2Ghz 12" iBook for a few months now, i've already maxxed out the memory and am finding that it's so good, i'm becoming increasingly dependant on what was just meant to be a desktop companion.

    Anyways, i was stupid when i bought it, and only got a 30gb HDD, forgetting that the programs would take up space (or something like that, i don't know what posessed me really)

    I know i can crack it open and stick any old 2.5 inch ATA 100 HDD in there myself, but i don't fancy killing the warrenty just yet.

    Therefore, where can i get the HDD upgraded in a warrenty friendly manner? I'm in West London btw.

    Also, as i'm sure this place would have to be Apple approved, will they actually put a HDD in that i've not bought from apple?

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but i've done a search and couldn't find anything...


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    so noone knows anything then?

    has anyone actually done this while in warrenty at all?

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    cant you do it at the Applestore?
    - It's like - he was got - they'd just like. It was like so hush hush. They were so... quiet about it. And then the next thing you know...

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    good question... best thing is to call them and ask
    tell us your response because imcurious about that too
    also you can get an external hd

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    The apple store in London is well out of my way. I was hoping that there was a list of authorised places you could go to get your Mac fiddled with without killing the warrenty.

    And yes, i know i can use an external drive, but it's not as robust (i know because i killed a 200gb one and lost a lot of stuff) and it kind of kills the small form factor and wireless nature of my iBook that are some of it's major features.

    I can't believe none of you have had this done before!

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    I haven't done that either, but I would be very interested in know what apple says about upgrading the HD in an iBook

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