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    Nov 04, 2008
    Purchasing new MacBook MB466X: 2Gb or 4Gb ???
    Hi Guys,

    Iím looking to buy a MacBook (MB466X) after being a PC users for many years but not too sure what to do with regards to memory. The unit Iím looking at comes standard with 2Gb memory but not sure if I shouldnít do the 4Gb upgrade at purchase? Iíll still have the Hp from work so this will be personal play and expected to only be loading Office 2008 and Photoshop SC3 plus doing the usual web browsing, chat, email, etc.

    What do people think, 2Gb or 4Gb?

    Cheers, Chris.

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    I think you should start with 2gb and try it out. And then if you really need more you can upgrade you memory up to 4gb's at or some other places for about 60-80 dollars. Maybe Cheaper.

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    Nov 04, 2008
    Thought about going down that path however they're shipped with 2x1Gb and only have two slots, if I do the upgrade at purchase they'll ship it with 2x2Gb's.

    Thinking 4Gb and be done with it.

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    Umm I would go with the 4GB upgrade. DDR3 RAM is still expensive and it's pretty much the same price all around. Even if you did buy 4GB it would come out to almost the same price as getting it from apple.

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    I would buy it with 2GB then upgrade to 4GB. That's what I did.

    Bought my RAM from or you can get it here: Kingston ValueRAM 4GB Kit (2x2GB) 667MHz DDR2 SoDIMM Notebook Memory KVR667D2K2SO/4GR (Retail): Electronics

    I would not go through Apple for a RAM upgrade. I paid $69 for my RAM and it took about 3 minutes to install it.
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    4GB and be done with it just like you said. I got 4gb upgrade and I'm very happy I didn't get the 2GB.

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    The 2G is fine never use more the 1G for daily stuff...

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    4GB Never hurts.. even if you don't know it you will use alot of it..

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    I just picked up a new macbook with 4GB of RAM and love it. I had to replace my G5 PPC that blew up a couple of days prior.

    Do you do a lot of gaming or graphics intensive work? Either way, you can never have enough speed.

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