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    "old" versus "new" macbook question
    I'm in the market for a new Macbook, but I'd love some advice on wheter to buy the old or new machine. The old one is $250 cheaper - that's a big factor for me.

    Should I but the old white Macbook with a 2.4GHz processor, 2GB RAM, etc. or the new Macbook with the slightly slower processor, faster bus speeds, etc.? Does the faster bus and better video card really make up for the slower processor? Is it worth $250? Will the no button mousepad be confusing to my young child? I don't really care about the look of the machine.

    Here are the detailed specs:
    Apple® - MacBook® with 13.3" Display - White - MB403LL/A

    Apple® - MacBook® with 13.3" Display - MB466LL/A


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    Things to consider. Faster bus, better graphics card, new DDR3 ram, touch pad is nice, but no FireWire ports.
    I watched the keynote for the new MacBook. Very impressive. I'm with you on the extra $250, but in the long run, I think it would be worth it.

    As far as your child using it, I wouldn't worry. I have a 4yr old that can use a computer and my iPhone. They adapt pretty quick...
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    Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong either way. I also don't think you will regret your decision, regardless of which one you choose.

    You might also want to check the deals on refurbished units on the Apple site. There's an entry level Macbook for $799! (although I might go for the $850 model with the larger HD)

    MacBook - Apple Store (U.S.)

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    Well, let me ask you this: do you actually do anything that would require the faster graphics card?? Do you Video edit? If the answer is no, and you are a "non-gaming non-video-editing user, the need for unibody construction and a glass multi-touch trackpad are luxuries," period.

    If the 250 is a big hit and all you're doing is surfing the net/downloading music/watching videos there is no need for the new one.

    Honestly if that was the case, and I were you, I'd even look at buying a refurbished machine for even less. Just make sure it has a Superdrive...otherwise you can't burn dvds or cds.

    Read this: Prof. Dealzmodo: Why You Should Buy a Refurbished Laptop

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    Well I got my macbook a a few weeks before they annouced the new notebooks. I have a white notebook with a 2.4 GHZ intel core 2 duo with 2GB of memory. At first i was lil upset did not wait. but the other say i went to my local apple store to see just what i really missed out on. I sat for a half hour playing with the new notebook doing all the normal things i do on my laptop. all i really do on mine is use the internet.. record some music, with garage band. and listen to music. but really I only use it for the internet. I don't do major video editing. So after playing with the new one.. Im completly happy with my 'old' macbook. and I would not trade it in for the extra money. Now yeah it sucks that i dished out a lil 1300 for something i can now buy for 1000 but thats what happens in this buisness, new stuff all the time. Also the multi-touch was cool, but not all that its cracked up to be i think... yeah it leaves plenty of room for them to expand and for newer advances in new macbook to come but its not something that would change my mind. the Backlite keyboard is very nice as well and im glad that they brought it to macbooks nows

    So to me.. the old mac book is awesome and a great great lap top. To me. the upgrades are just luxury upgrades for the most part... I did not really notice any difference in perfermance. slightly faster when view photos and i mean slightly. So if you wanna save the money i say go for the older version, which really is not that old at all.

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    New , its much better

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    I'd say get the new one. You never know, you may pick up video editting as a small hobby from taking family videos. In the long run you'd be better off buying the new one for about $250 more, even though I'd rather get the $1599 model, just because it's higher end and has a backlit-keyboard. I've been wanting that for quite some time.

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    i think it really depends on which one appeals more to you....i recently purchased a refurbished white 2.4 macbook and i love it so far even though i havent completely know how to use it just yet ><

    but i chose the white one coz people told me with new products its best to wait about 6months for all the niggly problems to be sorted out and stuff...and the newer models do not have 'fireport' or something..(which made no difference to me because a) i dont even know what it is and b) if i dont know what it is i dont think i use it so no difference for me)...

    i also chose the white 2.4 macbook coz this model has a faster processor than the current 2.1 model which is availiable hence why i purchased a refurbished one but its a good as new...cant even tell its refurbs at all....

    so i think in the end its entirely up to you and which one you really want your self...good luck!

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