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    Macbook Ram suggestions?
    Hi I have a 2.0Ghz macbook that i bought in december 2006. I found someone selling some corsair ram and they said theyve had it for about a year. This is the ram hes selling me: - Buy Corsair PC2-5300 1GB 1X1GB DDR2-667 200PIN SODIMM Memory - VS1GSDS667D2 In Canada.. Just wanted some second opinions before I go out and buy the ram? I've heard mostly good things about corsair? Sorry if theres already a thread about corsair ram, just need some quick opinions because I dont want someone else to purchase the ram before I do :p

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    I can not say for 100% certain, but that RAM should work just fine in a Mac.

    Personally I always run OCZ in my rigs, Mac and PCs.

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    What's your budget?

    I suggest you visit - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more!. I'm not sure if your macbook's max ram is 2GB or 3GB, you could get more ram for a cheaper price.

    Are you getting is used? Getting NEW ram might be a better choice if warranty becomes an issue.

    Good Luck

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    I think all macbooks are 4 gb limit? maybe the older ones are a bit lower?
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