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    Power light flashing green... oh no, now what?
    Hi everyone,

    That green light (that turns amber when it's charging) on my AC adapter is now *flashing* green when I plug it into the Powerbook. And the computer won't power up. I take out the battery, plug the power in again and it still *flashes* green. What is the cause of this?! Is my power adapter toast, or is it something worse? Egads, I hope it's just the power adapter!

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. It's an 867 Powerbook G4 12", the coolest computer I've ever owned. You only realize how much you miss your computer when you experience a hardware failure...



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    Well the good news is: You're not alone - a quick google found at least 3 other users who've encountered this problem.

    09-03-2004, 12:35 PM
    well i called them up and they had to talk to an apple specalist and said that they have no idea why its doing that so the specilaset recomented to replace my 45w power adaptor and it has solved all of my problems no more blinking light"

    Another page says that older G3 Powerbooks would flash green when they are fully charged. But since yours is flashing all the time, I don't think that can be it. (and yours is a G4 which doesn't have this "feature")

    I'd call apple and ask them to exchange the power brick.

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    Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it. I had searched extensively on Google and couldn't find a single report of a similar situation... your search skills must be much better than mine! Well [whew] I am happy that it's probably just the AC adapter. Cool!


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