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Thread: Error reinstalling Tiger.

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    Error reinstalling Tiger.
    Hey I am new here, but in dire need of assistance.

    Recently I upgraded to a MacBook Pro (a month before the current models were released ). Anyway I gave my MacBook to my sister, and decided to restore the factory settings.
    When I purchased this MacBook it came with Tiger pre-installed, however upon the release of Leopard I purchased a copy and upgraded. My first attempt at restoring it, I used the Leopard DVD, but during the 'disk check' a popup said that 'the DVD is dirty, please clean it', which it wasn't seeing as I had only used in once before now.
    To be on the safe side I decided to use the OEM discs (Tiger). So I rebooted and ran from the first disc. Disc one installed successfully, then setup asked for disc two, I replaced the CDs. 20 minutes into the installation, at 'Installing Garageband Instruments, 37 minutes remaining' an error message appeared stating "The Installation was unsuccessful, please try the setup again". Disc two automatically ejected, so I pushed Close on the setup window, I tried a second time, the same thing happened at the same point in the setup. Cut a long story short, I am trying for a fifth time, still no luck.

    Every time I reboot it starts with the Tiger Setup, starting from disc two, but does not get past Garageband (keeping in mind that the CDs have never been used prior to now, because they are OEMs and have not required their assistance, so I have eliminated damaged discs as the cause). The MacBook is no less than 16 months old, 1 GB Ram... etc.

    If anyone can assist me, I would be so grateful, as I am getting the cold shoulder from my sister.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Haha nothing beats sibling love . Sounds like your CD/DVD drive is faulty. Do you have applecare for it?
    Yes my name is Jaguar.
    No, it is not a joke.
    I don't find your "I'm a cheetah." joke funny.

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