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    HELP-immediately shuts down after grey screen!
    I have 12" 1.5 G4, I'm a brand new mac user so don't really know my way around. I downloaded the new updates (I think it was security and Java?) a few nights ago, but didn't restart as I was working in safari. I finally restarted from the apple menu (with a handful of applications still open). I wasn't really watching it real close, but it looks like it installed the updates in the galaxy screen and then went to the grey screen to start up. It will sit in the grey screen with the spinner for about 30 seconds, then just die.

    I've tried the PRAM and NVRAM reset and after the second ding still just dies during the grey screen. I've tried resetting the power management as well, but I'm not convinced that I'm doing it right as there's no ding to let you know. I bought the computer from a friend who's now moved so I don't have any of the discs.

    PLASE HELP! I have homework due tonight!!!


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    based on what u said, your best bet would to buy a *retail* copy of an OS X disk (black, NOT grey), then boot from that disk, erase ur HDD, and do a fresh install.... it seems that the update didn't install correctly. thanks. Justin.

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    So after talking with apple care, it's a toasted HD. I'm going to try to track down some install discs and see if I can't repair it...

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    same happened to me. year old macbook, randomly toasted HD, wutever.

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