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    New MB/MBP's as desktop replacement?

    I own an imac. White 17" 2.0Ghz C2D one.
    And I was thinking of one day replacing it. Sure it's just great now. I love it. But you know one day it'll have to be replaced. And my question is would either of the new Macbook's or Macbook Pro's be good as a desktop replacement.

    Why I ask is because I've only ever own desktops. And if I got a notebook it'd be about 85% of the time on my desk attached to the power outlet in the wall and basically used like a desktop. With long on times 12 hours in a go. Would the Mac be ok used this way. Would the thing be about to take the heat generated with such use? And would this kind of use shorten it's lifespan?

    Why I ask is because I've always looked into the notebooks and have wanted one for a while now. But I couldn't ever work out if as a Desktop replacement, would it function as well as say an imac. I'd really enjoy that little time I would take it places.

    1. Would it work as a desktop replacement?
    2. Is this a good use of my money should I go down this path?


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    I have been using my MBP mostly as a desktop replacement. It probably leaves my desk less than 4 days a month.

    Whether or not you should do this is up to you. I like having the option of taking my computer with me, whether I do or not.
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    I have a MBP and it has left my house twice I think. Depending on what you do they both will be great replacements.
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    I think the MBP will be a better desktop replacement than the MB. Its more powerful too. The MB is more of a backpack kind of laptop...

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    The new macbook pro will most likely be a fine replacement.

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    It's not really worth the money if you never take it off your desk. But it will work fine. I almost never use a desktop for anything. I use my laptop for image and video editing, development and everything else.

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