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    customize powerbook (NEED HELP)
    I hope somebody can help me out i have a powerbook ti 15 inch 1 ghz and the casing is all warpped and scratched. I don't want to replace the casing with the titanium i want to use the aluminum casing. Is this possible. Can you use the same internal parts and use aluminum casings for the outer parts. I know that i would have to change the keyboard, bottom casing, real display, front display, battery, and top case trackpad assembly. I want to know if this is possbile and if the internal parts will still work. there is one other thing, the screen in the TI is all built in but the aluminum has a front bezzel and a back display housing and how would i be able to use the same screen. I do know that the setup is different for the usb and other slots. Please help. I would hate to go back to the TI parts. The reason why i am asking becuase to go and buy a new powerbook would cost about 2000 and if i could cusomize my old one it would cost me half that

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    It will cost you more money to fix your current TiBook then it will to just buy a new one...The size dimensions of the Ti and Al books aren't exactly the same so you can't just swap the casing. The ports on the TiBooks are also on the back whereas the Al Books all ports are on the sides with a different type of hinges for the screen at the back
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    you could always build a new case out of plexiglass, and but cool blue LEDs in it. This will be quite time consuming but it can be done, just becareful, the components of laptops are made to fit nice and tightly inside so make sure that you don't leave space inside for parts to move incase you acciently drop it, but try to improve on airflow from the prievous case.
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