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Thread: New MacBook Configurations? GHZ vs RAM

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    New MacBook Configurations? GHZ vs RAM
    Due to the fact that the new MacBooks are absolutely rediculously priced in the U.K. I have 2 options for upgrading..

    1) MacBook 2.0ghz, bumped up with 4gb of Ram, 250 HD
    2) MacBook 2.4ghz, with the standard 2gb of Ram, 250gb HD.

    Which would be quicker and better value???

    Bearing in mind that in 3 months Apple will bump the specs up and make the new base model non existant..

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    If you are looking for best performance go for 2.4/4gb and 160hd if that's an option. You can always add external storage for photos and music, etc..
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    You can always get RAM for way cheaper than what Apple offers it for. I would go for the processor and upgrade the RAM later.
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