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    Question Random problems with Macbook booting
    Hi, couple weeks ago I began experiencing problems with booting my Macbook. I could hear the chime sound, then appeared the spinning wheel sign and after 10-12 seconds since I'd pressed the power button the screen went dark and then I had to press the power button again and then again to turn it on.

    Every time it happens after the second boot I don't have any problems at all, I can work 7-8 hours with no problems unless I put my Macbook into sleep - if I do it happens again.

    I tried to turn off Airport before shutting down, I thought perhaps it may cause this problem, and it helped me several times but since it hasn't solved the problem entirely now I don't think that the wifi card maybe the reason. I have S.M.A.R.T running with 30 mins interval check so I'm sure it's not a HD, which I actually changed 6 months ago.

    I made Archive & Install couple times and I did have the same problem without having any updates (10.5.2 and up) being installed so I believe the software is not the reason as well, or at least not entirely. I'm attaching the system.log file to give you the full picture of what's going on as I hope there is somebody who knows what message in this system log mean.

    I would really appreciate if somebody may point me out - what does go wrong with my boot process.
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