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Thread: ibook display issue

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    ibook display issue
    Hey! A friend asked me for help...and I don't have any to give her. Maybe you do?

    She's got her ibook temporarily hooked up to an external monitor because her own display has gone dim. Everything else is still working--but she can't see anything on the proper display! I've checked out the has nothing to do with the angle (and so, nothing to do with the wire, I would guess). She said she let someone use it to connect to a projector just before the problem started happening.

    Any suggestions? We'd be much obliged. Thanks!

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    It is like really really dark but you can still see it kind of? If so it could be the LCD inverter went out, usually not terribly difficult to replace in laptops, don't know specifically about an iBook, cost about $50-$100.

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    maybe they unknowingly changed her contrast settings, I believe F15 or some key in that are will adjust the contrast for her. has she opened it at all? the casing I mean?

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    Well you can adjust the backlight with the F1 + F2 buttons (F2 to increase), so give that a try if you haven't already.

    Otherwise got to the Display settings in system prefs and check the settings there...

    But it sounds as if the display backlight is set to off.

    Try a reboot and maybe a PRAM reset?

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    Thanks guys!
    Apparently, when she was trying to adjust the contrast from the keyboard, she didn't realize it wasn't just a toggle... When she hit the button a few more times, all was right with the world again.


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