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Thread: Advantage of the MacBook or MacBook Air?

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    Advantage of the MacBook or MacBook Air?
    What is the advantage of the MacBook Air over other notebooks or netbooks?

    I just want to get a light computer for going to lectures or seminars, and the price of the MacBook or MacBook Air is a bit too high!

    Any reason why Apple is selling notebooks at a few times the price of a netbook? And will Apple release a netbook anytime soon?

    I checked on Amazon, a small Eee PC 2G is around $250 US, and a Eee PC 901 16G (16GB SSD HD, 1GB memory, 8.9" display) is around $330 US. They both are lighter than the MacBook Air.

    I am used to Windows, and I have some (limited) Mac, Solaris and Linux experience. Anyone here owns both a MacBook and a Eee PC? What is your suggestion?

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    The advantage of Macs is OS X. If you have no particular desire to use OS X and can settle on Windows or Linux, then I suggest saving your money and just go for the Eee PC.

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    And you can't seriously compare a netbook to the MacBook Air......they aren't even remotely close to one another.

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