I recently divided my Powerbook G3 Lombard hard drive into 2
partitions. First, I booted from the Mac OS 8.6 cd and initialized the hard drive using Mac's disk utility with the writing zeros option. Next, I created two partitions. Partition one is a HFS Mac partition at the beginning of the hard drive where I intended to install debian after I deleted the HFS partition with mac-fdisk to create Linux partitions. I installed Mac OS 8.6 on the second partition at the end of the hard drive. When I rebooted after installing Mac OS 8.6 I got the Mac folder with the question mark and an open firmware screen shortly thereafter. I got a rom checksum failure message at the top of the open firmware screen. I tried to boot into the Mac OS by typing at the open firmware prompt the following: boot hd:8,\\:tbxi and I got a message that said the "CLAIM" failed. The powerbook will not boot from the original Mac OS 8.6 cd. The Powerbook will not boot from my Linux Debian install cd. The Powerbook will not boot at all.

I zapped the pram, reset the Powerbook with it's rear reset button, and disabled the hard drive using the keyboard key combination: option, command, shift and delete, but none of that worked. I tried to boot from the cd by holding down the c key, but that didn't work either. I even physically disconnected the hard drive from the laptop. The Powerbook did not power on when I disconnected the hard drive. I even replaced the newer top memory with the original memory, but that didn't work either.

I was running Linux Debian on my Powerbook before, but was having a lot of problems with sig 11 error messages and access of bad kernel area. I had to run fsck /dev/hda8 many times. So I decided to initialize the hard drive.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this problem?