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Thread: Seeking Apple Repair Tech Knowledge...

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    Seeking Apple Repair Tech Knowledge...
    Okay, so after my C2D 2.33Ghz Macbook Pro received liquid damage back in August, and sending it to an Apple store for investigation, I was told the motherboard would need replacing, and this would cost close to a new machine.

    I have finally received my insurance claim for this and ordered a new MBP 2.6Ghz, so the drama I have now is getting all the old info from the hard drive of my damaged MBP, onto my new MBP. Mostly I need to recover the following things -

    iTunes Music - 40-50GB's worth of music

    Business Documents - A few folders containing invoices and such

    Firefox Bookmarks - About 2 years worth of well organized bookmarks

    Movies - 10-20GB's worth of movies

    Applications - Loads of little apps I have installed over time and would struggle to find again, aswell some larger apps

    The apple technician I have spoken with says the hard drive can be read and copied, and will charge me x amount of dollars to sit there while he goes through and copies anything over as I request it. I see this taking quite a bit of time due to the fact I haven't used my machine in over 2 months, and would need to have a good look around on the hard drive to familiarize myself again and make sure I get everything I need transferred.

    So I am wondering what exactly the process is they use to be able to read the hard drive of my damaged machine without a functioning motherboard. I have used my Mac in Firewire Target Disk mode before, is this simply all they will do? If it is this simple I would like to do the process myself in my own time, so I can manage the transfer myself, and save a large service bill.

    I do have a backup on an external hard drive of all the .DMG files of applications I've installed over time, and due to the fact I'll be moving onto Leopard on the new machine, I am not too fussed about getting apps transferred, as I'll need newer versions anyway.

    So if anyone has experience with recovering data out of a damaged machine, or experience with replacing motherboards, or knows if it is possible to run the machine in Target Disk Mode with a damaged motherboard, please let me know, your help would be much appreciated.

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    The other option is to take the hard drive out, put it into an external usb/firwire case, then attach it and read it that way.

    If the machine will boot up then use target mode.

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