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    Angry Problems with Power adapter
    I'm two weeks into using my second power adapter for the macbook pro
    and at the end of the adapter, the part that connects to the laptop, appears to already be threading.
    This was the reason i had to get rid of my last charger
    Because, the end of the adapter overthreaded and eventually gave up after weeks of random shutdowns and nuances.

    My question is..
    Does Apple purposely build ****** adapters
    so that customers like us have to pay $140 for a new ****** charger every 2 months?

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    The only thing you can do is ask apple for another replacement...

    My adapter has lasted me 1 1/2 years with no problems at all.

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    I'd say they don't...

    I also say you should go complain (civilly).

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    Apple is willing to replace the MagSafe power adapters in or out of warranty:

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