So as I have seen some of you other guys/gals have the same issue of the "whitewashed" screen and those little black spotlights at the bottom of the screen, I took it up w/ Apple. After tech support couldn't solve the problem I made an appt. to bring in my MBP and have them take a look at it.

Oh, one step back, I was also noticing my battery wasn't lasting as long it used to. So I re-calibrated it (fully charged it, let sit charged for 2 hours, unplugged it and fully drained it, let sit in sleep mode and fully drained over night, then charged it again fully... this only made my battery life worse when unplugged!) and that did not solve my issue.

So the Apple Store guy did his thing but ultimately resolved that the battery was no good and that was why I was getting that whitewashed look on my screen as well as those little black marks on the bottom of my screen. So I guess now I wait and see how it works out, at least I have had longer battery life and got a brand new battery out of the deal!