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    Upgrading Hard Drive without install disc. is it possible?
    I am upgrading the Hard Drive in my ibook g4 1.33 (ghz).
    I purchased the ibook from a friend who lost the install discs.

    I plan to back up my existing hard drive first on my G5 tower with my ibook in target mode.

    once my new hard drive is in can i still boot the ibook in target mode and format the drive using my G5?

    And then instead of installing an OS (I have no disc remember) can I transfer over my old drives back up onto the new drive. will that new drive then have an os on it that will boot up?

    if that wont work can anyone suggest a better way. (I know I can just buy a new tiger install.) But I'm trying to avoid spending any more money than I have too.

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    Well, I think you could use something like SuperDuper to clone the drive and do it that way... If you just copy stuff I don't think it will be bootable.

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    Superduper looks like a great start thanks skaheadpunk!
    What I wonder is if I can copy that clone over to my new ibooks hard drive (once replaced) when my ibook is in target mode. and if that clone will be perfect replacement, if when the ibook boots normally it will find all the same permissions. I'm talking to the folks at superduper maybe they have the answer. But does anyone know if that is possible, if it's been done? It might be easier to just buy a tiger install.

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    So superduper confirmed. They're suggestion would be;
    * buy the new drive and an external enclosure
    *attach it to Ibook
    * Start Disk Utility
    * Select the external drive hardware in the sidebar
    * Click the Partition tab
    * Use Disk Utility's controls to divide the drive as needed, even as a single large partition. Use "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" as the format type and name appropriately
    * Click Options
    * Choose the proper partition scheme (GUID for Intel macs, Apple Partition Map for Power PC) and accept the page
    * Click Partition.

    Then, make a full "Backup - all files" onto the new drive with "Erase, then copy" or "Smart Update".

    Rename the drive to the SAME name as the original. Then, swap the drives.

    That should do it!

    Well wish me luck everyone I plan on performing 'surgery' this coming week.

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    Don't worry, it will work perfectly

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    It's alive...alive!!!!
    Hello forums,

    Well I successfully overhauled by ibook G4. I came out with a couple of extra screws but other that there were no problems. I'm geeking out right now I'm sorry. I spent about 350 bucks and though I could have sold this ibook and with that money bought a new one I could not resist the challenge and I love this machine.

    Here are the old and newspecs

    1.33 ghz
    512 ram
    40gb hard drive
    combo drive

    1.5 gb of ram
    250 gb hard drive
    dvd burner

    super duper worked perfect I would recommend getting an external with firewire for the clone

    thanks to all the users and administrators
    for the help


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