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Thread: Creepy Black ooze...not something that should be coming from my Macbook Pro

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    Creepy Black ooze...not something that should be coming from my Macbook Pro
    Hey all. I've got a slightly weird problem going on and was wondering if anyone has ever experienced something similar. On the lower left corner of the keyboard layer of my macbook pro (right about where your left wrist rests when typing) I have a slight "cut" right about where the screen corner would come to rest when the macbook is closed. It has been like this since day 1, but I thought nothing of it. In the past week however, I've noticed that when I open it back up, the corner of the screen (the metal part) that lines up with the part on my keyboard layer has a black substance on it that takes more than water to break up. I can lick my finger and rub it off, but I end up with a few smudges until I do it a couple more times. I'm really confused here! It's almost like it's leaking from the screen corner, but the shape it makes is equivalent to the small cut I have on the keyboard layer. On the keyboard layer, it's almost like someone took a pencil and used a small arcing motion to make an indentation in the case. The stuff on top can be compared to graphite shavings. I'm so confused. I'll get some pictures up later if I can. Let me know if you guys know anything. Thanks!

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    Some sort of grease maybe for the hinge of the screen.

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