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    Problems with Burner
    I have problems reading images burnt using my iBook on a pc. Initially, I thought it was the problem with the built-in burner software. However, when I installed Toast recently, I have this same problem.

    These images I burnt were scanned using a film scanner, the Minolta Dual Scan IV. A friend went through these images and said that the scanner software didn't save my photos as thumbnails. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Would appreciate advice asap as these photos are meant for a client and I've spent days scanning them into my iBook.

    I did not encounter this problem when I was scanning photos into my old pc. They can be read on both mac & pc.

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    I'm not a pc person, so I don't see how "thumbnails" can have anything to do with the problem??? If you can see the files and can't open them, then I would think that it is a type of file format problem. If you can't see them then you need to burn the cd in a format the pc can use.

    When using the built in burner it should have burned in a hybrid format, which should have worked. In Toast (5.2.3) you have to select hybrid in the "other" menu.

    Toast 5.2.3 help results…
    Insert a blank CD or DVD disc into the optical drive of your computer.
    If a dialog appears, choose Open Finder from the Action pop-up menu and type a name for the disc. Then click OK.
    If no dialog appears, click the title of the disc icon when it appears in your Finder window, and type a new name for the disc.
    Drag files and folders to the CD (double-click the CD icon to open its window and arrange the files exactly as you want them before burning the disc). The names of files, folders, and the disc can't be changed after the CD is burned.
    Choose File > Burn Disc.
    Choose the burn speed and click Burn.
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    or in toast 6 and up, in the data tab, click advanced, click on mac&pc hybrid or something.
    that should work. the file format may also be a problem.

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