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    I've been noticing that my 12" ibook will just run itself all the way down, is there a way like on my compaq laptop once the battery gets so low right now i get it set to 5% the laptop hibernates/sleeps so that the 5% will last hours sometimes a day untill i can get to a power outlet to plug it in?


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    What I see is that you have an iBook, that continues to runs the battery down to about 5%. Then you meantion a compaq, followed by sleeping and days. I am a little confused here. It maybe me, since it is early and raining here.

    I am not understanding your question. Hopefully someone else may come along and understand what you are asking.
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    Okay, here's the thing, once the battery gets completely depleted on your iBook, it automatically goes into sleep mode, which is safe. Once it does that, just plug it in, and let it charge up. And you can start using it right away after you plug the charger in.

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    So basically: Yes your iBook can do the same thing as your other laptop, namely it sleeps when the juice is down to 5%, leaving your data intact long enough for you to get it to an AC outlet..

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