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Thread: Why doesn't my video camera work?

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    Hello all,

    I am having a problem figuring out how to fix my built in video camera on my MacBook. I was using the camera for iPhoto and for Skype, and suddenly it stopped working. When I open iPhoto it says that there is no camera connected.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I am so irritated with this Mac. I only bought it in February, and I keep having problems with it. Not only did my battery go to **** and I had to get another one, but my software updates won't install properly either!

    Thanks for any help.

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    step one: step away from the computer.

    step two: h.a.l.t. are you hungry, angry, lonely, tired? take care of these first.

    step three: when you're ready, come back, give us some good details of your issues, what you've got loaded, any peripherals attached to your machine, any prior troubleshooting steps, etc.
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    I have the same issue, any application that I try and use the camera it says it is already in use in another application. This is NOT the case and it has been an issue for the past few months through countless updates.

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    Question Camera Problems With Macbook
    the sad thing is my camera JUST stopped working this second and i don't know why? i need help too!

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    Iv'e been having a similar problem, when I tried to take a picture the green light DID NOT come on and photobooth said that there was no camera. WTH???
    I need some help here

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    Make sure that you don't have two applications that require a camera running simultaneously, this can often cause the camera to not work and for that to come up.

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    If you have two programs open at the same time that require the camera it wont work: one program I overlooked when I was having this problem was the gmail gchat - once I closed my gmail window I was able to use the camera to skype.

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