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    Adding Memory to my Ibook
    When i baught my ibook i added 256mb of memory. I have decieded that i want to get more memory. ONe question is how much do you guys think is a good amount to add another question is how is this done? If i added memory do they take that card out and put another one in or do they just add another one? Could i do this myself?

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    I believe there are two slot in the iBook for memory. If you are using both slots, you will be replacing one them.

    How much memory do you currently have installed?
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    nope, there is only one avalible slot for memory in your ibook. the factory 256 is "built-in"so yea if you getr another stick you would take out the 256 and replace it with the 512+

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    Adding memory is ridiculously easy. Just remove the keyboard, remove the airport card, remove the ram cover and there is your stick. You could have it done in a shop I suppose, but I would imagine that they would charge you an inflated price for your ram. You could get it online, I just posted on another thread the price i found on for 1gb of ram is 197. People insist on or other more expensive sites saying the ram is name brand, you get what you pay for, well my ibook flies compared to the 256 it shipped with and I am having absolutely no problem whatsoever with this ram. It is xtremely simple to do, and there is only one extra slot for ram, so yes you would have to remove the 256 stick you have in already.

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    There is the 256 built into the iBook which stays there and just 1 expansion slot (which you filled when you got it). So you will have to remove it
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