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    Good affordable printer for home...
    I have finally realized that I do need to get a printer for home after terrible experiences with two epson inkjet printers. I resorted to using the printer at my university as it was an easier and cheaper alternative, no worries about ink or the printer not working for some strange reason. However, I do need one right now for the convenience. Can anyone recommend me a good colour inkjst printer which is gonna be used primarily for printing essays and reports? Secondly, please recommend me a brand that also uses affordable ink as well DOESN'T clog easily! (Epson!).



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    if all you need is a cheap printer that is just for text
    lexmark no idea on theiir quality but there cheap
    hp good printers esp when you move up to there higher end
    canon good printers as well about the same as hp
    epson great printers for pictures but there slow

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    I've had more problems with HP Printers than anything else.

    Out of the 5 I've gone through - they all end up breaking and end up printing only in BRIGHT ELECTRIC PINK. I'm not kidding.

    And, you gotta hear this:

    HP puts time locks on their ink cartridges. So, if you install an ink cartridge and don't use up it within a certain time, the cartridge "locks" like a bank vault and you won't be able to print with it, and you'll have to buy a new cartridge (which, of course end up costing more than the printer itself!)

    Lexmark is just as bad - they are suing people who make generic ink cartridges to compete with their own, and they are making printers that lock out any possibility of using cheaper generic inks.

    I'd say go with Epson, but since you don't like them - go with Canon instead. The printer that I owned (BJC-2 something or other) worked beautifully for text.

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    just get a canon. epson is ok, but canon, if the printer head goes out, it pops out and costs like $10 to replace, and the ink is cheap too and lasts forever, Im a graphic designer and have this canon printer for almost 8 months now, Ive printed hundreds of high qality photos and graphics, the ink is no where near a quarter of the way gone, almost full in fact. the quality is great, eventually you may wanna add images to a paper or print photos or something, itll work great. the one I have has 4 ink cartidge, 1 per color, so its like $12 for one, and they never will run out together unless youre printing 10,000 flyers in color or something. mine is the canon pixma ip3000, and it does duplexing!!!

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    Are you serious? The ink cartriges lock? What a jip..

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    i have a hp photosmart 7960 and the ink doesnt lock up and its my 2nd hp and its fine...
    but the big 3 are that are good mind you

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    I just bought a canon i1500 from circuit city for $47. It prints absolutly beautiful photos and docs as well. I got 6 blk and 6 clr ink cartridges from abcink for $28 total shipped! I've been very pleased with this printer. You can read the user reviews from amazon or circuit city. Good luck!

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    Canon sounds good to me!
    Yeah, apparently Epson has the same catch to it as well, it will lock up or dry up quickly if it's not used in for a period of time which is bull if you ask me. We all know how much ink costs PLUS on the Epson's I've owned, they drink ink pretty fast. I was recommended HP but I think I will try out Canon as I know people who have used them with no problems. HP is probably good but working @ at a camera store where I sold Hp Cameras and printers, I'm not totally impressed with HP's customer service. Thanks!

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