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    Computer Zapping me

    I dont know if its just me...but I have this strange problem with my Powerbook zapping me. When I put my hands on the case, whether it be palmrest or something, sometimes if I get the right angle, I can feel this sharp zap, like an electric shock. Now, obviously, if I lift my feet from the floor (tiles) I don't get zapped anymore, yay!

    I also had this problem with the metal speaker grills on my compaq laptop I had a while back. Is there something wrong with me?

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    You might want to try a ground lift plug.

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    The important thing is...does this happen every time you touch the PowerBook? Or does it happen intermittently? Especially, does it happen when you first sit down?

    It's winter in this hemisphere, and with the cold, dry air and the grounded, metal PowerBook case, I tend to get a static shock when I touch the 'Book for the first time after walking across the carpeted floor. I'm more worried about it damaging the PowerBook than me. :mac:

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    umm, i do have a three prong plug..if thats what you mean

    also, yeah, it happens every time i touch the computer.

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    I meant try an adapter that will go from the three-prong to two-prong (no ground).

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    I know what you mean, if I rest the back of my hand on the case exactly right, I can feel a very slight electrical-feeling tingle. I get the same from my Wintel box though, so I think it's probably just the sensitivity of certain parts of your hand or something.

    Oh, and if something's earthed (3 pins connected) it's generally not a good idea to unearth it! You may be.. ahem... shocked at what might happen.

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    i dont have no mac's
    so it happens every time you touch your computer. BUT if you lift your feet off the floor it does not happen?

    i guess there could be something wrong electrically on the pb, but i dont really think that could be it

    here is a few suggestion:
    put on shoes or take off your socks
    go to a different room and see if it happens

    also, does it still happen if your PB is plugged in?

    this is definately a strange one...maybe you offended your PB in some way and it is pissed at you


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    Also might want to get an outlet tester from Home Depot, $3 bucks or so. Makes sure you have the wiring correct, and no open ground or reversed hot/neutra/groundl. Otherwise it could be an internal problem with the PB where the power is grounding out against the case - in which case you want to get it looked at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coach_z
    this is definately a strange one...maybe you offended your PB in some way and it is pissed at you


    LOL! i've said nothing but nice things to it! remember, this also happened to me when i had a compaq presario laptop.

    ok, it happens only if the AC adapter is plugged in. If its running on battery i'm safe.

    Maybe it is really just me...i am not normal :alien:

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    no!! its a sign of love, and quite normal as long as the shock isn't severe

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