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    MacBook restarts when Idle: Regardless of Energy Saver settings
    Hello All,

    I'm bran new here and I have a problem with my MacBook! I did a search first but couldn't find anything quite like my problem so I'll just ask.

    I got my MacBook in June of 2007 and its been great! I love it. For a while I had my Energy Saver preferences configured so my macbook would never allow the hard drive to go to sleep or restart. I'd let the screen sleep/dim and/or let a screen saver pop up and it worked fine for a while.

    But recently, for a few months now actually, it has been ignoring the custom preferences COMPLETELY -- My MacBook would simply reboot after 1~2 hours of being idle no matter what. I set my "Put the computer to sleep when it is inactive for:" to Never and the same for Display. I also unchecked the "Put hard disk(s) to sleep when possible" and locked the preferences I set. My mac still continues to RESTART after being idle for 1~2 hours (not sure of how long exactly.)

    I like to download torrents and sometimes just leave my computer up and running so this is obviously very frustrating for me. The only time the computer won't restart (though it will try) is when I have a lot of different internet tabs open or I am sending files/downloading files BUT it does close most of the programs in an effort to reboot and its basically just as bad as restarting, also ichat will close when the mac wants to reboot.

    Alright, I hope I was clear and not TOO confusing. Does anyone know what I can to fix this problem? My mac has been getting a little laggy too lately, but thats a different problem, haha.

    Thanks all ~

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    16 views no responses, is this problem unfixable?

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    I have had a similar problem and never found a solution. I donwloaded a small free app called caffeine and use it when I want to leave the macbook on with a torrent. I then dim the display to the minimum and it seems to work...

    Hope this helps..

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    ill check it out, thanks...

    but still looking for a better fix, as in bring my mac back to normal. Anyone else know?

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    bump up up up

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