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    Cracks in casing!

    I have a white MacBook, which I bought in April. I look after it well, and have never dropped it, but to my horror this morning I found a thin crack that led from near the headphone port, right round to the indent for opening the lid.

    As its still under warranty I went to the Apple Store, and they actually discovered another crack around the back.

    When I asked what the cause was they said they didn't know, but they've ordered a new casing for the bottom and I'm taking it in to be repaired next week.

    I was just wondering if anybody here has experienced the same sort of thing? And if there are any clues as to what causes it? Could it be anything to do with overheating?

    I'm worried that it's just gonna happen again after they replace the casing this time. Ideally I don't want to replace the bottom casing every 6 months!


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    I've never heard of that happening with a Macbook unless there has been stress to the plastic. (Example: dropping it, crushing it in a backpack.) Your best bet if you are paranoid about it happening again is to get a plastic lower case cover for it.
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    This is caused by the screws on the case being too tight. It is a very common problem with MacBooks. In fact EVERY MacBook I have ever seen that was more than a few months old has had some form of small cracks. When you get your new case, take a small phillips screwdriver and slightly loosen all the screws around the outside of the case. This will allow it to flex more with movement and lessen the possibility of cracking.

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    Thankyou both for your replies!

    Especially ADKhikerVW. That makes a lot of sense since the worst part of the crack is right over the screw. Although it doesn't so much explain the one that runs along underneath the hinge on the bottom casing :S
    But I will definitely try that when it's been fixed up.

    Looks like I'll be investing in a case cover aswell! Any suggestions for good ones?

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