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    What would you like to see in the next revision?
    Hey all. I'm just biding my time before the next update and decided to see what everyone else might be looking for come the next revision. Here are a few of my ideas specific to the Macbook Pro:

    GPU: I'd like to see an Nvidia 9 series...maybe a 9600M GT with 256-512MB VRAM. As far as I know, these have the potential to consume a little more power than the current 8600M GT, but hopefully the new processor will even that out a bit. I also wouldn't mind seeing a Sony-esque option to switch back and forth between integrated and dedicated graphics, just to save battery, granted Apple is awesome with implementing that best possible battery life into OS X.

    CPU: Centrino 2...not much more than that. I could care less about clock speeds because frankly, they're pretty fast as it is. Energy efficiency is nice though.

    Screen: The current screens are beautiful, so not many changes are needed. Maybe for the 15.4", give the option for a slightly higher resolution (1680x1050) but that's it.

    Battery: Maybe a higher capacity battery, or just simply better battery life. I use my lappy all day, so the more the better.

    Let me know what you guys think! This can pacify us for awhile

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    I have a t61p with a much higher resolution than the current 15" MBP's (also have that).. to be honest it's pretty hard to read at much above 1440x900.. 1680x1050 would be as much as I'd like to see it pushed personally. The battery life, yea I see what you're saying.. I've just gotten used to plugging in every once in a while. So given that...

    What would I like? that is what would get me to replace mine?

    BD capable burner.
    Docking station port
    some sort of indicator for drive activity (a light )
    multi-card (including CF) reader built in.
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    Definitely better battery life. Maybe a better cooling system, when the GPU is in hard use, the MBP gets pretty hot. I like Dysfunction's idea about the multi-card reader. That could really help when downloading pictures to your MBP.

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    Higher screen res on all models 1920X 1200. None overheating GPU, 8 core CPU. Better battery life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrimsonRequiem View Post
    Higher screen res on all models 1920X 1200. None overheating GPU, 8 core CPU. Better battery life.
    Let me get this straight... you want better battery life AND and 8 core CPU? What are you smoking?!?

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    Hmmm... higher screen res, docking station port (definitely, I was quite annoyed about this when i switched), and I want it to make me coffee .
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