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    Possible G4 ibook IDE controller issue ?
    iBook G4, 1.33ghz - I'm trying to fix this for someone. The HD is not seen upon bootup (flashing ?) and when I hold the option key after it chimes there is nothing seen there too.

    What should I do next ? Screen works fine, I get a chime, I'm assuming the HD is still ok but I have not checked in another machine yet.

    I tried to fix a 500mhz ibook recently and it seems this is a very similar issue. I couldn't fix that one.


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    The flashing folder does not constitute a bad hard drive. It could be various things starting from something easy like a simple format of the hard drive and reinstall the OS or something serious like a logic board problem.
    On iBooks the hard drive is very hard to hear working unless you are in a very quiet room. You know the hard drive is working when you can hear a very faint almost "Wind" or "Ocean" sounding noise at the lower left side of the palmrest where you see a vent on the far right hand side of the USB ports and such. If you hear that upon bootup, the hard drive is working. Have you tried installing an operating system yet?
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    Yup, it has to be the IDE controller on the board. There's no easy fix there, right ?

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